A Knowledge Management System for Knowledge-Intensive SMEs

Knowledge-intensive enterprises (KIE) play an important role in the knowledge-based economy (OECD, 2007). Knowledge-intensive enterprises can be loosely and preliminary defined as organizations that offer to the market the use of fairly sophisticated knowledge or knowledge-based products and services (Doloreux & Shearmur, 2011). Knowledge management is important for both large enterprises and small and medium-size enterprises (SME). As a matter of fact, many topics related to knowledge management in SMEs have not been well studied yet (Durst & Edvardsson, 2012).

Given the importance of effective knowledge management in knowledgeintensive SMEs (KI-SME), there is a special need
for a project on this topic applied for SMEs. An appropriate knowledge management framework for KI-SMEs may help them to manage their business activities effectively, to improve their performance and innovation capacity, and also contribute to the
development of the economy as a whole. The key focus of this project is to build an intranet-based knowledge management system based on an open-source content management platform so that SMEs could reuse and enhance this system as
their solution at lower costs. Further, we intend to experiment our system with some specific knowledge-intensive industries in the fields of business, research and development, educational and health-care services.

Faculty Supervisor:

Thang Le Dinh


Jai Puneet Singh



Engineering - computer / electrical





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