A low-cost wearable tele-health monitoring system for chronic and infectious diseases

Continuous monitoring of health allows for early diagnosis and tracking of disease progression, thus enabling timely medical intervention. However, continuous monitoring of the patients’ health is conventionally conducted in hospitals or long-term care facilities with expensive, bulky, and unobtrusive systems, which require skilled professionals to operate. In this work, we propose an affordable, small-in-size, and wearable smart system that will not only enable in-home monitoring of key health parameters such as body temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, respiratory rate, cough, and lung health continuously, without hampering the users’ daily activities but also evaluate their health by using intelligent software. This system will allow for early diagnosis of chronic and infectious diseases while reducing the frequency of visits to the doctor’s office. Furthermore, this system will be immensely useful in a pandemic situation like COVID-19 by facilitating self-monitoring or remote monitoring of symptoms in non-clinical settings, thus enabling the efficient and effective use of healthcare services capacity. The collaboration with Ortho Biomed Inc. will allow me to receive hands-on experience on and to develop the skills required for bringing a product from the research bench to the market.

Faculty Supervisor:

M. Jamal Deen




Ortho Biomed


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


McMaster University


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