A mixed-methods project investigating HerSwab™ and arts-based education as integral components of culturally acceptable cervical screening in Northwest Ontario First Nations communities

Specific strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV) can develop into cervical cancer. Screening for these types of HPV has been shown as a better early test for cervical cancer. Samples for HPV testing can also be collected by women without going into a clinic. This selftesting method may be a good cervical screening option for women who might not participate otherwise. Certain cultural groups, such as First Nations women, are less likely to participate in cervical screening than the general population. As a result, First Nations women have more diagnoses and deaths from cervical cancer. HerSwab™ is a tool that makes self-testing for cervical cancer easier to understand and less intimidating. In this research project, we will see if First Nations women are more likely to participate in HPV self-testing with HerSwab™ compared to other methods. We will also learn the best ways to communicate information about HPV testing. With this project, we can see how to bring HerSwab™ into more general use.

Faculty Supervisor:

Julian Little


Brianne Wood


Eve Medical


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Medical devices


University of Ottawa



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