A N-Dimensional Vector Mining Visual Analyzer for the Surveillance of Live-Stock Production Systems in Alberta

Animal heath surveillance is concerned with not only the disease in animal populations, but also with animal pathogens and diseases that affect humans. The objective of this project is to develop a system which can model the livestock production activity data, flow, weather pattern and disease history appropriately so that events can be more easily and effectively analyzed in time and spatial domain. Moreover, the system output needs to be presented in ways that are simple to understand and easy to work with. Given the complexity and high dimensionality of data collected over time and throughout the entire production continuum, the goal of this internship is to apply vector field analysis, graphical model visualization and probability distribution techniques to develop an N]dimensional process analyzer and a visualization tracker. The data input will be provided by the Alberta Veterinary Surveillance Network for emerging diseases of livestock.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Berezowski


Nathaniel Rossol


AQL Management Consulting Inc.


Computer science




University of Alberta



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