A Near Field System based on Modulated Scattering Technique for Microwave Tomography Application

Microwave tomography (MWT) is a relatively new imaging modality that uses electromagnetic radiation to illuminate an object. Using the scattered field by the object of interest, MWT reconstructs the image of the object. We have been doing research on this topic for a few years and we have successfully developed several computational-imaging algorithms and experimental tomography systems at our imaging lab of the University of Manitoba. In order to increase the accuracy of measurements and calibration procedure, we want to increase the number of probing sites in the system. This requires a more complicated experimental system. Here we proposed a novel technique which can be used to achieve this goal, in a reasonably low cost approach. We study the feasibility of implementing such system in this proposal. Using the numerical techniques and imaging algorithms, we developed in our lab, imaging capability of the proposed system is quantitatively, examined. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Joe LoVetri


Majid Ostadrahimi


Element Life Science


Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices


University of Manitoba



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