A new method for educational assessment: measuring association via LOC index

Our objective is to develop the new technics, based on the pioneers’ work, especially the Qoyyimi and Zitikis’s (2015) extension, which can have a good performance on measuring some kinds of relationship between students’ marks of subjects. In order to understand the relationship between students’ marks on different study subjects, many studies apply some kinds of indices, such as the Pearson correlation to measuring association between variables of interest in a variety of research areas, including education. We do some extension on this route. Our partner organization, Gemei Culture and Education Technology, is a company who supply many education products to customers. The good understanding of the relationship between students’ marks on different study subjects can help the company to design and develop proper subjects for more potential customers and give them better learning experience in the company. We inspired by their current demands, and tried to find a technic to serve for the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ricardas Zitikis


Jiang Wu



Statistics / Actuarial sciences




Western University



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