A novel carbon dioxide redox flow battery: Stack design, modeling and performance testing

The world’s stringent need to transition to a low-carbon industrial economy is more pressing than ever and requires an ambitious departure from traditional processes through innovation, development and implementation of different breakthrough technologies within a strict timeline. AGORA is tackling two energy challenges simultaneously with its proprietary CO2 Redox Flow Battery (CRB) technology by enabling the transition from traditional emission-intensive power generation systems to low-carbon renewable sources through energy storage and addressing GHG-emission mitigation via converting CO2 during the battery operation to a by-product.
The proposed project will constitute the development of integral parts of the CRB unit to be employed in AGORA’s efforts for the first ever scale-up of a battery that utilizes CO2 and generates electricity and products that can be valorized as output. During the timeline proposed, the project will catalyze the transition of this technology from laboratory scale demonstration to large-scale pilot demonstration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elod Lajos Gyenge;Charles Haynes


Shahid Muhammad Bashir;Andrew Hakim


Agora Energy Technologies


Engineering - chemical / biological




University of British Columbia



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