A novel cell-pairing microchip for transcriptional profiling

The proposed initiative is different from conventional small molecules or biologics therapies. The living “drugs” are patients’ own immune cells. However, due to factors, such as age, and genetic differences between individuals, there is no magic “one treatment for all patients”. Intrinsic interpatient heterogeneity requires “personalized immune-therapy”. We have to adopt a “quality control” when we re-engineer immune-cells. Or, in a clinical setting, doctors can use our developed companion diagnostic tool to help them design proper treatment strategies and follow up on the effectiveness of the treatments. Our point-of-care device will be used to measure single-cell transcriptome expression of both cancer cells and manufactured chimeric antigen receptor (CAT) T-cells. For comparison purposes, we will also perform tests in parallel using the existing Chromium 10X and droplet-based single-cell RNA sequencing platform.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jie Chen


Jie Zeng


Hidaca Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical



University of Alberta



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