A Novel Passive Wireless Printed Circuit Board Cavity Sensor for the Measurement of Electric and Magnetic Fields

Increasing demand for more reliable electric power requires advanced monitoring systems that prevent equipment failure and outages. The existing technologies used for monitoring the voltage and the electric field in the vicinity of the high voltage devices are bulky and expensive. On the other hand, maintenance of the monitoring devices requires specific safety precautions. In this research project, a small and inexpensive electric/magnetic field sensor is proposed. They are passive and require no source of power. This eliminates the need of changing the batteries and direct contact to the high voltage apparatus. The interrogation system that will be designed and employed is wireless that makes the distant measurement possible. This will increase the safety of the personnel and facilitate distributed measurements at different distances from the high voltage device.

Faculty Supervisor:

Behzad Kordi;Gregory Bridges


Amirmasoud Amirkabiri;Dawn Idoko


Manitoba Hydro


Engineering - computer / electrical



University of Manitoba



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