A Quality Assurance Framework for Care Process Management

Online business processes are different from traditional web applications and typical healthcare applications. Online business processes involve the collaboration of multiple user roles interacting with multiple services in parallel. They are usually implemented using Business Process management (BPM) technology that defines an explicit business process model to flexibly combine forms delivered through a web browser with services accessible through Internet protocols.
A quality assurance framework for BPM has been proposed in our previous work that will be adapted and extended for use at The Ottawa Hospital in partnership with IBM. It specifies formal modeling of requirements in terms of goal models and business process scenarios coupled with a well-defined service-oriented architecture. Test campaigns are model-driven from requirements, the business process model, user forms and the service-oriented architecture. The test campaigns are defined and supported by a test orchestration workbench that allows for flexible integration of tools to address multi-user, multi-service testing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Amyot


Basmah Almoaber


IBM Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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