A Raman spectral characterization of thin-film carbon

Informed thin-film carbon device design requires a detailed understanding of the material properties of thin-film carbon. In this project, we will develop a detailed understanding of the fundamentals underlying this material. Raman spectroscopy, wherein the interaction of an incident light source with the vibrating molecules within a given sample is probed, will be the technique through which this study will be performed. In particular, the Raman spectrum and its relationship with the constellation of material properties commonly examined in the characterization of thin-film carbon, will be studied. Our industrial partner, Allied Corporation, a Kelowna, British Columbia based firm, is interested in this project for two reasons: (1) they are interested in developing a new generation of thin-film carbon-based commercial products, and (2) they are interested in contributing to the cultivation of a culture of scientific excellence in the local Okanagan region, that they believe that they can ultimately benefit from. This particular project focuses on the fundamentals, the envisaged future applications of thin-film carbon being developed later through the use of other sources of funding.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen O'Leary


Jonathan Laumer


Allied Corporation








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