A robust, device agnostic client platform for EMR integration: A proposed architectural model and UI/UX design for a mobile health client portal

Closing the Gap Healthcare has been delivering high-quality health care in communities since 1990. Closing the Gap (CTG) offers a range of services for clients of all ages and are a leader in complex care cases. The Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI) at Sheridan College has collaborated with CTG and is in the process of developing a responsive client portal that offers a mobile-friendly view for patients to see their upcoming appointments and details about their care program and care providers. Currently, CTG’s 5,000 patients need to use the phone to find this information which is inconvenient and consumes substantial resources both from CTG and the clients. The proposed novel Mobile Client Portal will address the gap in health care services that clients are current seeking.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ed Sykes;Syed Tanbeer


George Kopti


Closing the Gap Healthcare


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Sheridan College



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