A Security and Privacy Model for M-Services in Toy Computing

The research project aims to develop a systematic methodology to link safety policy in terms of security and privacy considerations to the realization of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which encourages users to use their own mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet PCs, to access various services to support a workflow in a Cloud infrastructure. Since the services may contain sensitive information or even trade secrets of an enterprise, the safety policy usually specifies the security and privacy rules in End User Level Agreement (EULA) format as realistic regulatory measures and assessment. The first phase of the project will develop a methodology to support security and privacy assessment over services via BYOD in the context of Cloud infrastructure. The second phase will develop hardware and software prototypes to test feasibility and usability of the methodology in a scalable and interoperable approach. Sample workflow scenarios with mobile devices, such as Android tablet PCs, involving security and privacy features will be developed with the support of business intelligence modules which then undergo data analytics and data mining tools for information retrieval and knowledge discovery.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patrick Hung


Laura Rafferty






Ontario Tech University



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