A study of free surface electrospinning to enhance and optimize the nanofibre production process

Free Surface Electrospinning (FSE) is a novel process capable of producing non-woven webs of continuous nanofibres with controlled morphology and size from polymer solutions with the application of high electric fields. This novel scheme which was based on a rotating cylinder-solution feeding system is capable of producing nanofibres at a reasonable rate with compared to the conventional capillary schemes. We propose to further investigate and optimize the scheme for the use of wide range of applications in industry. FSE experimental setups will be developed based on a rotating cylinder-solution feeding system and rotating disc-solution feeding system. The scheme will be investigated by varying the processing conditions and different polymer solutions including bio-polymers. The experimental results will be used to modify the scheme to further enhance the performance of the free surface electrospinning schemes. A mathematical model will be used to optimize the scheme for an efficient operation. The results obtained in this study will allow GABAE development to better understand the free surface electrospinning process and employ the technique for novel product developments.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shesha Jayaram


Chitral Angammana


GABAE development


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Waterloo



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