A Unified Framework for Remote Monitoring the State and Performance of Photovoltaic Power Plants

Energy produced using the solar radiation as the source is one of the most prominent parts of the clean energy mix. More than 300 GW of photovoltaic systems (PV systems) of different size supply the daily needs of millions of families and industries around the world. Photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of houses and buildings, or they constitute large-scale photovoltaic power stations. Monitoring the energy production of the PV systems has a crucial role in both predictability and maintenance. To effectively monitoring the systems, the measures of the energy produced need to be remotely read and compared with the estimate production values that are calculated considering the solar radiation. With these data, many views and indexes related to the operating status of the plants can be given. Also, suggestions on how better use the self-produced energy can be supplied. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Srinivas Sampalli


Saurabh Dey


Sunreport IT


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Dalhousie University



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