A Virtualized Cloud-based Multi-Tenant Environment for Developing Software Defined Network Products

The proposed research will develop a virtualized cloud-based multi-tenant environment tor testing and developing software defined networking products on a national scale. Similar centers are being built in other jurisdictions (Japan, Europe) but this is the first such initiative in Canada. We are partnering with CENGN, which is a consortium of industry partners who wish to create a shared ecosystem where new product development can be supported and shared within the consortium. They will benefit from this research because the research environment this project will support will allow them to develop, test, and integrate commercial products and solutions. More importantly, interns trained within the program will be trained and gain experience in technologies that will benefit the R&D efforts of CENGN and its ecosystem of partners. It is expected that many of the interns will go on to jobs at CENGN partners or customers

Faculty Supervisor:

Liam Peyton


Rubina Lakhnai


Center of Excellence in Next Generation Networking


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Ottawa



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