Accelerating eVTOL Research Outcomes (AeRO)

Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles represent the new frontier of transportation electrification. Since the dawn of aviation, enthusiasts have dreamed of “flying cars” that can reduce trips that take hours on the ground to minutes in the air, improving productivity and quality of life. What was previously the realm of science fiction is rapidly becoming a viable commercial reality. However, significant performance and efficiency improvements, at both individual component and overall system levels, must be made in order to bring eVTOL from the proof-of-concept stage to a viable product. This project will research and develop models, prototypes, and tools to support the development of power electronics components, controls and architectures for an eVTOL application under developed by our industry partner. In so doing, this project will enable the development of eVTOL aircraft that will: reduce emissions; meet stringent safety requirements; comply with aerospace standards; address an emerging global market opportunity; and provide engineering postgrads with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an emerging sector with excellent career prospects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ali Emadi


Lea Dorn-Gomba;Niloufar Keshmiri;Mohamed Ibrahim;John Reimers;Amirreza Poorfakhraei;Seyed Sobhan Kashfi;Henry Zheng;Ehab Sayed;Mohamed Abdelmagid;Cyrille Goldstein;Islam Zaher;Jiaqi Yuan;Mohamed Mahmoud Samy Hefny;Negar Noroozi;Gayan Watthewaduge;John Ram



Engineering - computer / electrical




McMaster University



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