Acceptance Testing Framework for Robotic Software Solutions

Modern robots depend on numerous hardware devices and human interaction in order to perform their task. These dependencies, in addition to the distributed nature of these systems, make automated full-system testing difficult. Current testing practices are insufficient as they only test a single component of the system or require costly manual labor. Many companies have also adopted continuous integration in order to speed up their pace of development and increase software reliability. However, since full-system testing cannot be easily automated, these kinds of tests cannot be added to continuous integration. Therefore, there is a clear need for automated full-system testing of robotic software, specifically acceptance testing, despite its difficulties. The focus of this research will be to develop an acceptance testing framework for robotic software that can be run with or without physical hardware and human interaction. This will be accomplished through the examination and implementation of research in the area of simulating hardware devices and human interaction for robotic systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ashvin Goel


Sachit Ramjee


Kindred Systems Inc


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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