Access to Health Care in Labrador

This project will examine the barriers to health care services experienced by the people of Labrador. It will be conducted in three stages. First, a literature review will examine health issues facing Labradorians. Included in this will be a literature review of health research conducted in Canada's northern territories, as this area is culturally and geographically similar and issues parallel many of those in Labrador. Second, existing health status and health service utilization data will be examined to document current health status and utilization of health care services in Labrador. Third, key stakeholders in Labrador will be identified and focus group interviews will be conducted to examine issues and concerns related to accessing health services and to explore strategies to overcome barriers to accessing health care services. A final report with recommendations will be submitted to the appropriate government and non-government offices in Newfoundland and Labrador to facilitate and encourage collaborative action to remove barriers to health care access and allow equitable access to health care for all Labradorians.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victor Maddalena


Gioia Montevecchi


Rural Secretariat


Public administration


Life sciences


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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