Accurate Proximity Sensing for Avionic Systems

This project targets the design of a highly accurate proximity sensing system that is capable of operating in a wide distance range under wide variations in temperature and for different sensor characteristics. The system is based on passive inductive proximity sensors that can withstand harsh environments, and, therefore, are widely used in avionic applications. Our design methodology consists of implementing a sensor excitation logic and a low-complexity response processing logic in FPGA. The FPGA design will be used for rapid sensor characterization and calibration under different operating conditions. Finally, we will create the deployment design that uses the characterization data to determine the distance between the passive sensor and the target. We expect to improve the nominal sensing range and accuracy using off-the-shelf passive sensors thereby opening up the possibility of sensor exploitation and significantly reducing the cost of avionic sensing systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Samar Abdi


Aryan Yaghoubian


Thales Canada Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Concordia University



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