Achieving aspirations of Canadian aboriginal communities through participatory cultural mapping and dynamic decision modelling – Year two

The Aboriginal housing situation in Canada is in crisis with a lack of culturally and environmentally appropriate housing. To address this need, this Mitacs Elevate project involves a collaboration between the Heiltsuk Nation (in Bella Bella, BC), the University of British Columbia, and FPInnovations. Through this project, a Participatory Approach towards Holistic Solutions (PATHS) framework was created and applied to help assess pathways with which the Heiltsuk Nation may effectively develop and implement community-led housing solutions. The PATHS framework is comprised of five steps: 1) Identifying aspirations; 2) collaboratively creating housing designs; 3) developing opportunities for housing innovations; 4) implementation of housing designs and related innovations; and, 5) reflection on the work. This Mitacs Elevate project will enable the development, implementation, and impact-benefit assessment of a Heiltsuk community-led home design. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Christopher Gaston


Stefania Pizzirani






Aboriginal affairs




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