Achieving Climate ‘Justice:’ Indian climate justice narratives, and who’s being ‘left out in the cold’

My collaborative research project with Tyrone Hall will examine the concept of “justice” in India’s climate change policy, discourse and action. Embedding the notion of “climate justice” at the core of climate change discourse results in a political frame around risk (Indian) and responsibility (Global North’s). The study examines how the needs and risks of marginalized and vulnerable communities (women, farmers, rural and coastal areas) are accounted for in the climate discourse (policy, media, and activism). It also considers the implications of India’s new climate plan and how environmental organizations focused on climate change are influencing public opinion and narratives. The study will yield significant insights on how policy, media narratives, climate education and plans can be reoriented to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Drache


Nicolette Little



Political science



York University


Globalink Research Award

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