Acoustic detection of fish presence and depth distribution at the FORCE tidal energy test site in the Bay of Fundy: assessing risk of interaction with tidal turbines

Tidal energy turbines are a new renewable energy technology that will be demonstrated at the FORCE test site in the Bay of Fundy. The potential negative effects of these turbines on fish are of high concern to industry, regulators, fishers, and other stakeholders. This research will use sonars attached to sensor platforms deployed on the sea floor at the FORCE tidal energy test site to evaluate the risk that tidal turbines pose to fish. Risk will be based on where fish are naturally located and where the turbines will be operating. We will also assess two different sonar types for monitoring effects on fish. The information produced by this work will directly inform the developers and regulators of this new industry and aid in developing monitoring guidelines for fish at tidal energy sites in Canada and abroad.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anna Redden


Haley Viehman


Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy




Alternative energy


Acadia University



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