Activity-based screening of DNA-Encoded libraries

Cell surface receptors are targets of ~50% of pharmaceutical and biological drugs. Still many of such receptors have no known therapeutic inhibitors because 1) the receptors are only active in cells 2) isolation and purification of the receptor is not viable and 3) determining activity of a potential therapeutic is complicated by binding that can lead to a productive (antagonism/agonism) or an unproductive response. To address these challenges, we will employ DNA-encoded libraries of diverse molecules to develop a method which 1) permits selection of binders to desired receptor on a cell and 2) gives rise to the desired physiological response in a cell line as determined by a down-stream reporter system. Such an activity-based screening method will have wide application in isolating ligands that will have biological as well as therapeutic activities. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Matthew Macauley


Tenzin Gocha


48Hour Discovery




Life sciences




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