Activity recognition using physical layer information from wireless communications infrastructure

Sensing technologies require the deployment and maintenance of complex and large infrastructures. This research proposal is focused on people’s activity recognition technologies though existing WiFi infrastructures. The information gathered by this technology can be applied to different industries like home automation, security, etc. In the future, this technology will powered applications in the home automation industry as the one described next. Mary comes home and leaves her cellphone on the couch. As the system recognizes her, no alarm is activated. Given the time of the day and her habits, the platform understands that she wants to prepare dinner. Cooking is a defined profile for her so the kitchen starts to react based on her presence and activity profile (turning on lights, changing temperature, turning on cooking music). If Mary wants to sleep, the system gathers the necessary information again and changes the whole environment. This project is bringing a new technology to the partner organization and the Canadian Industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Doina Precup


Negar Ghourchian


TandemLaunch Technologies Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


McGill University



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