Adaptive and Emotionally Aware Chatbots

This research focuses on the development of machine learning and natural language processing techniques for automated textual dialog systems called chatbots. More specifically, we will develop algorithms to allow chatbots to adapt to new topics and concepts in open ended domains. We will also develop algorithms to recognize the emotions of users through their text messages and select emotionally adequate responses. The outcome will be emotionally aware chatbots that can adapt to new domains. This will address an important need for automated dialog tools that allow organizations to engage with users in a personalized fashion via text messaging platforms. For instance, a music band or a film producer may launch a chatbot that impersonates the lead singer or main character to interact with fans, answer questions, announce new releases, etc. Kik Interactive, a leader in text messaging, will directly benefit from this research as it seeks to market such communication tools to its partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Pascal Poupart


Ricardo Salmon, Marek Grzes & Pan Pan Cheng


Kik Interactive


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Waterloo



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