Adding Value to Canola Oilseed Production

Canola is one of the world’s most important oilseed crops and is the most profitable commodity for Canadian farmers. It has applications in production of cooking oil, bio diesel and animal feed. The value of this crop will be enhanced by optimizing methods for sorting, dehulling and further processing. Sorting the seeds will streamline seed applications based on the relationship between seed properties and seed quality. Dehulling seeds will lower the fiber and increase the protein content of Canola meal which can then be used for plant-based protein like the Beyond BurgerTM or animal feed. Further processing by fermentation of canola meal produces bio diesel, and other potentially valuable ingredients. We expect to find ingredients that have been found in wheat and barley fermentation, which are known to reduce cognitive decline (Glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC)) and to act as a natural antibiotic in perishable food items (bacteriocins). The start-to-finish processing of Canola after harvest into oil, food, health, and fuel products will generate additional value to the Canola producers and the Canadian agricultural market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Reaney


Sarah Purdy;Timothy Tse


Bioriginal Food and Science Corp






University of Saskatchewan



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