Addressing Racism in Toronto

Addressing Racism in Toronto’’ is a one-year project to be conducted by Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR). The aim of this community-based research venture is to identify issues of access, equity and inclusion for two highly vulnerable and marginalized groups in Toronto: the Somali Canadian community and racialized LGBTQ persons who are homeless. Specifically, we will be hoping to uncover the barriers and challenges these communities face in relation to the following key areas: 1) employment, 2) health, 3) justice, 4) education, 5) housing, and 6) any other areas derived during the research process. We hope that by identifying the key social problems faced by the diverse communities that make up the Greater Toronto area, the Urban Alliance on Race Relations will be able to maximize its role and give voice to some of the most pertinent issues as related to race relations, access and human rights. The proposed research model, which will depend on the collaboration of the research group with various community stake holders, hopes to identify and review the current opportunities, needs, and challenges faced by the aforementioned communities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Wendy Cukier


Lauren Daniel


Urban Alliance on Race Relations






Ryerson University



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