Addressing the Needs of Homeless Youth: The Implementation of ‘Housing First’ in a Medium-Sized Canadian City

This research examines the problem of youth homelessness which has significant social and economic costs for both the affected individuals and society as a whole. The research will result in a report to be delivered to Family Services Windsor Essex that will guide this organization’s youth homelessness initiatives. To this end, the report will: provide an assessment of support services that have functioned best to support homeless youth in Canadian and other national jurisdictions; establish the ways in which measures targeted at young people differ from those aimed at homeless adults; and develop metrics that allow measurement of the success of its initiatives. The report is intended to specifically facilitate the introduction of effective measures to tackle youth homelessness in Windsor, Ontario but its conclusions will be applicable to other medium and large cities in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Sutcliffe


Marianne Brooks


Family Services Windsor-Essex


Political science


Health care and social assistance


University of Windsor



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