Admissions Sherpa – An Investigation of Agile Strategies for Modern Web Platforms

This project isto develop a new website which will provide an infrastructure for non-profit admission. The admission professionals will be using this websites to conduct the interviews, in terms of providing them with the guiding question. The use of check boxes and other visual tools, such as radio buttons, text boxes, etc. will help provide every individual's needs. The main goal is to provide a webpage as simple as possible in terms of handling and provide the best practice admission experience for a prospective student. The option to print/save the Personal Education & Career Plan report of the prospective student once he/she completes the above-mentioned interview form, is also available. The interview information is the major step to guide the student for his/her future task. Hence after the completion of the interview, the web page won't only allow saving the form but will also indicate the next steps/tasks for both the representative and the prospective student. The notification will be sent via mails (or any other method as required by the business) with all the information on WHAT NEXT. As the upstream system can be any CRM, the software should be intelligent enough to accept data from any CRM system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Monica Yvonne Coady


Sushil Bhojwani



Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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