Advance Silicon-based lithium-ion batteries

In this project, an advanced silicon-based lithium ion battery will be manufactured. The expected energy density is 750-1000Wh/L and cycle life is about 2000 time (capacity remaining rate>80%), which means the working time of your cell phone, laptop can be extended to 3-5 times on a charge and they can maintain a good working condition even it has been used over 5-8 years. The best news is that you don’t need to pay extra. Through this study, the manufacture technology of the silicon-based electrode will be developed from laboratory level to application. After some optimization study of positive electrode and electrolyte selection, a mobile-phone-capacity pouch cell (about 2000mAh-3000mAh) will be fabricated.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Fowler


Zhiyu Mao


Newtech Power


Engineering - chemical / biological


Advanced manufacturing


University of Waterloo



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