Advanced Analytics in Multiple Sclerosis Research

The multiple sclerosis (MS) clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH) is among the largest in the world. While considerable data is collected from the MS clinic in both structured and unstructured form, the ability to glean this information to assess quality of care and conduct advanced analytics such as predictive modeling is limited. In this project, a quality improvement dashboard will be developed based on automation of clinical information extraction process. Predictive models will be used on existing clinical data to optimize treatment strategies and predict patient outcomes such as relapse rates, disability progression, and treatment failure. These models could then be used in clinical practice to identify high risk patients in a timely manner for appropriate follow-up and treatment optimization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marzyeh Ghassemi;Muhammad Mamdani;Chloé Pou-Prom;Josh Murray


Zhen Yang


Hoffmann-La Roche Limited


Computer science






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