Advanced Battery Modelling in Electric Bus Platforms to Enable Next-Gen Low-Carbon Public Transit

With the ever-increasing growth of the consumer Electric Vehicle (EV) market and environmental awareness of federal and provincial governments, electrification of public transit systems has come under the spotlight in recent years. Currently, there is limited practical knowledge on how to efficiently deploy EV buses across different Canadian regions, which results in a wide gap between advanced EV technology and Canadian environmental parameters.
EV batteries are negatively affected by cold temperatures, bad road conditions, and aggressive driving behaviours. This results in a shorter life-span of the battery pack and it’s quicker degradation. To reduce these negative effects, public transit companies need to fully understand how batteries behave under different operating and environmental conditions, and these conditions are not the same across Canada. Furthermore, EV manufacturing companies also need to adapt their designs to these conditions for successful marketing.

Faculty Supervisor:

Olivier Trescases


Zhe Gong




Engineering - computer / electrical


Automotive and transportation




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