Advanced Nystagmus System (ANSTM) as objective diagnostic tool for mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and concussion: A validation study using structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging

Annually, 2 million individuals in North America suffer mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or concussion (cost: $75 billion), with 200,000 in Canada. An objective tool is required to distinguish concussed subjects acutely from ontrols, and to predict who will develop chronic symptoms. The frontal lobes, the corpus callosum, and the thalamus play key roles in oculomotor movement and are sensitive to mTBI. Saccade Analytics (ANSTM) offers a quantitative and automated analysis of eye and head coordination; it will be tested to identify damage in mTBI. The intern will validate results using functional and structural MRI protocols sensitive to mTBI. The benefits to Saccade Analytics are: 1) improved metrics; 2) alternative data from the same subjects; 3) database for sharing, storing and executables on the cloud; 4) interest from venture capital; 5) 4 hires to refine metrics; 6) Health Canada and FDA approval; 7) expansion to concussion clinics and sports teams.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alain Ptito


Guido Guberman


Saccade Analytics





McGill University



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