Advancing Adjoint-Based Aerodynamic Design Optimization for Industrial Cases

The primary objective of this collaborative research project is to further advance an established industrial strength framework for the aerodynamic design optimization of Advanced Aerodynamic Systems. A major expense during a three-dimensional aerodynamic shape optimization (ASO) is the cost of obtaining design sensitivities or gradients at each design iteration. The computational cost grows rapidly as the number of cost functions and design variables are added. The aim is to implement new constraints to allow for more realistic design considerations and a mesh adjoint capability to improve the computational cost of the underlying numerical framework. The development of new software tools that will allow BA to explore new paradigms in their aircraft design will enable the Canadian Aerospace industry to aggressively compete in this market segment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Siva Nadarajah


Aditya Kashi;Syam Vangara


Bombardier Aerospace


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


McGill University



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