Advancing TTC Ridership Analytics and Revenue Forecasting Tools for Improved Transit Planning

(TTC) for improved public transit planning and better transit service delivery. With the implementation of PRESTO Card, TTC now generates real-time data on how often and where transit riders interact with the TTC’s infrastructure and network. PRESTO Card data allows new ways to capture transit demand in real-time and makes it possible to deploy state-of-the-art data science and predictive analytics to develop ridership forecasts for varying time horizons. The ridership forecasts could then be used to generate forecasts for farebox revenue. This project will, therefore, contribute to a significant improvement in transit planning from revenue and resource utilization perspectives. The project will also contribute to the mentoring and training of two graduate students at Ryerson University who will lead the two inter-related projects of transit ridership and revenue forecasting.

Faculty Supervisor:

Murtaza Haider


Abir Saumik;Yichun Du


Toronto Transit Commission




Transportation and warehousing


Ryerson University



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