Aerosol Transport in Rooms with Displacement Ventilation

Ventilation design can influence the transport of infectious aerosols in buildings as well as the energy consumption of the building. Displacement ventilation (DV) holds the promise of reducing aerosol transmission and energy consumption. Stantec, a provider of professional design and consulting services in planning, engineering, architecture, surveying, and project management, has already investigated DV in hospital rooms, but that work did not consider the transient nature of aerosol sources (coughs and sneezes), or the physics of transportation and transformation of moist aerosols. This Mitacs-Accelerate internship will start with additional analysis of measurements gathered by the previous research on DV in hospital rooms, followed by field measurements in Greater Vancouver, in parallel with fundamental new experiments performed at UBC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Steven Rogak


Amir Abbas Aliabadi


Stantec Consulting Ltd.




Construction and infrastructure


University of British Columbia



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