Aging In Place Ergonomic Kitchen Design

Most Canadians prefer to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, or “age in place”. One important area of daily living is meal preparation. The opportunity to age in place is likely to be higher where kitchens allow for the changing functional ability of people as they age. Décor is a Canadian kitchen cabinet design and manufacturing company committed to innovation that means the products that their clients buy today, will function long into the future. This project brings together industry partner Décor Cabinets with multidisciplinary academic partners from the College of Rehabilitation Sciences and the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba. The aim of the project is to advance our understanding of the ergonomic fit between older adults and key kitchen task zones to determine design guidelines for age-friendly kitchens. The project also provides the opportunity for graduate students to develop the professional skills required in providing services and products in today’s growing Silver Economy.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shauna Mallory-Hill;Jacquie Ripat


Antoinette Baquiran


Decor Cabinets




Service industry


University of Manitoba



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