Agricultural Methods to Improve Crop Yield & Identify Cost Effective Practices Across Different Soil Types

This research project will investigate cost effective methods for agricultural production. Specficially, soil will be classified as high expected yield and high yield variability, high expected yield and low yield variability, low expected yield and high yield variability, and low expected yield and low yield variability using appropriate statistical methods. Different seed and fertilization rates will be applied to each of four soil types. Harvest values will be used to determine the most effective seed and fertilization combination to maximize yield, while minimizing costs, within each soil type. The results of this project, including the methods used, are important as they could be used to help other Canadian farmers to improve the cost-effectiveness of their agricultural practices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr.Daniel Gillis


Justin Angevaare


James and Ryan Marshall


Computer science




University of Guelph



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