Ahead of Time Compiled Code Generation

Compilers are large software projects consisting of many separate but common components like code generators, garbage collectors, and runtime diagnostic tools, to name but a few. Historically compiler developers have had to write each of these components from scratch. The Eclipse OMR project was created to provide generic components for use in new compilers and language runtime environments. OMR has enough flexibility to accommodate a wide range of programming languages without sacrificing performance, portability, or robustness. This project adds support for generic ahead of time (AOT) code generation to OMR. AOT offers a number of benefits to the end user, among them faster start-up times and a substantial reduction in demand for resources at run time. All developed software will be open source and thus not only of benefit to IBM but the community at large.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gerhard Dueck


Petar Jelenkovi?


IBM Canada


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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