AI Optimized On-Board Computer for Edge computing in Aerospace Applications

Space systems such as small satellites and rovers operating in earth’s orbit, or more recently in interplanetary missions are starting to utilize the features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their designs, to reduce human interactions, minimize error and preserve communication bandwidth. AI in space applications can be seen in service vehicles, autonomous image and signal processing, Earth observation, telecommunication and surveillance. However, given that communication bandwidth is limited in most space missions, it is important to optimize the communication link of the spacecraft, and offload some of the computational tasks to the spacecraft’s On-Board Computer. This way, only the important information is transmitted to the terrestrial network and the core of the mission. This research aims to develop a space ready computer that could perform AI based algorithms in orbit and at the edge of the network, or also known as Edge Intelligence in Space

Faculty Supervisor:

Kevin Plucknett


Arad Gharagozli


GALAXIA Mission Systems Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University


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