Algorithm/model to assist decision making for hip and knee replacement surgery

Arthritis affecting the hip and knee is a common problem causing pain and disability for many Manitobans. Joint replacement surgery is a common treatment for this condition. Although many patients improve after the surgery, there are some who do not. It is in the patient’s, and health system’s best interest to try to learn which patients will gain the best results from joint replacement surgery so to use resources most effectively. The Concordia Hip and Knee Institute is embarking upon ground breaking research to advance arthritis care in Manitoba by working with a team of researchers from across Canada. This team will attempt to determine a strategy to identify patients best suited for joint replacement surgery. The end result of this project will be an instrument based on mathematics that can be used during the clinical assessment to determine if surgery is an appropriate choice for each patient.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Xikui Wang


Qier Tan


Concordia Hospital Research Institution


Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Life sciences


University of Manitoba



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