Algorithmic and Interface Advances in Computer Algebra

Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), with their unique ability to analyze and solve mathematical problems, are gathering new communities of users, who challenge them with more and more complex tasks. It is necessary, therefore, that the core engines of CAS implement state-of-the-art algorithms. At the same time, CAS need to build new bridges to specialized software and to develop interfaces to emerging research areas. This proposal capitalizes on the research conducted by academic partners at the University of Western Ontario in order to strengthen and extend the technology of their industrial partner, Maplesoft, the developers of Maple, one of the leading CAS world-wide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marc Moreno Maza;Robert Corless;David Jeffrey;Gregory Reid


Mohammadali Asadi;Ana C. Camargos Couto;Delaram Talaashrafi


MapleSoft Inc.


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Western University



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