Amplifying the Developmental Impact of the Ernest C. Manning Youth Innovation Awards: An Evidence-Based Design for the First Canadian Youth Innovator Mentorship Network

By studying the key features of these top achieving youth innovators, we will gather evidence via research to learn more about what drives them, what supports they need and how mentors (anywhere) can be engaged well to support them. The result of the project will be an organization and process design for the development of the first (online) Canadian youth mentorship network aimed at connecting youth to important people, expertise, knowledge and institutions. There is too little research and support for our high-achieving young Canadian innovators. This project answers that need by extending from a rewards program into a youth development network, with cognisance that there is a network of Adult Innovation Award winners that could, with careful design, be further developed by the Foundation to mentor youth innovators.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eugene Kowch


Hyacinth Schaeffer


Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Calgary



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