An Agile monitoring tool integrating risk, safety, and digital data infrastructure management

An innovative tool is proposed to integrate agile risk, alert, team, safety, and digital data infrastructure management into a Micro Engineering Tech Inc. (METI) current structural health monitoring system (SHM), mobile mapping system (MMS), and building information modeling (BIM) that will be called Agile Monitoring Tool. Agile Monitoring Tool includes a comprehensive project management software (CPMS) package that consists of three systems as follows. First is an SHM; the structure health monitoring development was originally part of a past successful R&D project. Second is a MMS. MMS is a system that can provide accurate surveying measurements of the objects around it. Since it has photogrammetric as well as laser scanning range data, it can provide very accurate yet very fast acquisition to produce geospatial data. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Robert Schulz


Nesreen Weshah


Micro Engineering Tech Inc


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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