An Automatic Tool for Developing Transactive Energy Smart-Contracts: Development, Validation and Integration with the IEMS Blockchain Platform

Energy consumers and prosumers are currently dealing with each other via utility companies, which is a slow, costly and indirect mechanism. With the aim of moving toward a free market, the goal of this project is to provide a suitable platform for automatic development and evolution of smart contracts in distributed transactive energy markets. This platform will make the blockchain technology, underlying smart contracts, applicable to direct transactions between energy consumers and prosumers, enabling additional steps towards a free market. This platform and its smart contract tools will build on the IEMS blockchain and IBM’s Hyperledger platforms, hosted by The Linux Foundation. The resulting platform and tools will help the energy market developers, including IEMS, to develop, edit and apply smart contracts following changes in market policies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Amyot;John Mylopoulos


Alireza Parvizimosaed


I-EMS Group


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Ottawa



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