An electrochemical microfluidic sensor for cannabinoid detection

Cannabis legalization creates a pressing need to improve existing screening methods. Currently, the two devices approved by the office other the attorney general of Canada (i.e. the Drager 5000 and SoToxa) have not been embraced by the vast majority of police forces who deemed both options unaffordable, difficult to use and inaccurate. The present project aims to create a next generation cannabis detection device capable of accurately assessing the blood concentration of THC. This will be accomplished by harnessing recent advances in the fields of analytical chemistry and micro engineering to create a portable, accurate, affordable and easy-to-use detection kit.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steve Shih


Oriol Ymbern;Roberto Duca


Strem Biotechnologie


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Concordia University



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