An evaluation of cultural heritage as a basis for First Nations land use planning.

The use of S’ólh Téméxw (i.e., Stó:lō traditional territory) by others impacts Stó:lō cultural heritage, identity, and economic and social wellbeing. At present, the Stó:lō have limited authority to make decisions regarding the use of their territory. However, the courts have mandated that proposed developments on Crown land carry with them the duty to consult First Nations. The resulting consultation process provides the Stó:lō with the opportunity to influence land use decisions. In response to this opportunity, the Stó:lō are developing a cultural heritage land use plan. The success of the plan relies on its effective interfacing with corporations and the BC government. This research project aims to incrementally improve the land use plan through a series of documentation reviews. This amelioration process will be followed by a formal introduction of third parties to the Plan and its intended use in the consultation process. The expected outcome of this research project will be the improved protection of Stó:lō cultural heritage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John R. Welch


Karen Brady


Ch-ihl-kway-uhk Forest Limited






Simon Fraser University



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