An exploratory study of Asian International Students‘ experiences in Ontario Schools

A rapid increase in the number of Asian international students attending K-12 schools has led to the investigation of the complex, multi-layered aspects of the life experience and needs of Asian international students in Ontario schools. Working closely with View-Wide International Education Group and using multiple case studies, this study will explore the factor of facilitating their transition and articulate the nature and challenges of Asian international students’ experiences in adjusting to new school settings in Ontario. It will also investigate their perception of the preparedness for studying in Canada and ensure their needs of academic and social success in educational endeavour. The study is important in that it can provide teachers, counselors, school administrators, early study abroad agencies, and after-school institutes with concrete data based upon the experiences of Asian international students

Faculty Supervisor:

Douglas McDougall


Ju Huang


View-Wide International Education Group






University of Toronto



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