An Holistic Approach to Complex UX Design

As the scope of design has become more complex – designers have moved from designing products, to technology, experiences, environments and more recently services. This progression in design, its implications, serves the need for the exploration of more holistic approaches to leverage designers’ understanding of these complex problems. Furthermore it identifies the need for designers to utilize and adopt new methodologies to better understand their users and support the plural perspective in designing for multi-channel experiences. In this internship, the research expertise and focused attention of a graduate-level interaction designer and researcher will assist the industry partner in identifying some of the key issues impacting end-user experience, and will collaborate with the UX Team to explore new directions and methodologies in user experience design to advance the company’s processes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Steve DiPaola


Sara Salevati


Function Point Productivity Software Inc.


Interactive arts and technology


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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